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A notary's signature is required on many legal documents, and can be a wise precaution even when notarization is not mandated. Sooner or later everyone will need a notary, whether to finalize a sales transaction like a loan, entering into an escrow agreement, or when completing a binding legal business agreement, and it can be stressful to find one on short notice. Many banks, for instance, have notaries on staff, but do not attempt to have an available signing agent at all times. And even then, some have policies that restrict in-house notary publics against notarizing any documents other than their own.

When you choose the ease, value and convenience offered by Miller Legal Support Service, we'll work with you to schedule a mobile notary signing on your schedule anywhere our coverage area. All of our officially-certified notaries have the experience to properly fulfill the legal paperwork requirements of documents for any industry, and they will conduct themselves in a professional manner with a focus on complete customer satisfaction.

Mobile Notary Services for Real Estate, Attorneys, Settlements & More

  • Real estate – mortgage closing documents, title transfers.
  • Attorneys - interrogatories, statements.
  • Structured settlements - agreements, for affidavits of independent professional advice or designations of beneficiary, living trusts.
  • Automobile Notary Services - auto dealerships & dealers
  • General notary services - affidavits, documents in support of disability claims, wills or medical directives.

A mobile notary public is not an attorney and cannot make something "legal" or ensure that it is true. We are, however, experienced and diligent in the notary process, and we will try within the scope of our assigned role to prevent fraud for our clients.

In general a notary is there to witness the signatures on a legal document and verify the identity of the person who signs them. To this end, our mobile notary signing service representatives bring expertise and attention to detail to the proceedings, so you can remain focused on your business without worrying about whether your documents will be executed precisely. We may also administer an oath in certain cases.

Why Would I Need a Mobile Notary Public Signing Service?

It's a legal requirement for many documents and transactions to be officially notarized. However, finding a qualified notary service in your local city can be time consuming. Miller Legal Support Services takes the hassle out of finding a trustworthy mobile notary public.

Don't waste your time and energy traveling to find a notary public!

Ready to get started? Order Mobile Notary Public Services Today!

If you are in an industry where notary services are required every day, multiple times a week or even a few times a month, it's time to give Miller Legal Support Services a try. We help our customers reach new levels of efficiency by supplying a team of mobile notary publics ready to meet your specific needs.

Mobile Natary Fees

$2.00 Per Signature (Our Office Location)
$30.00 (0-60 miles) from office location
$1.00 per mile for anything over 60 miles

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