Miller Legal Support Service LLC

Process Serving

AUTOMATIC EMAIL UPDATES AND SCANNED RETURNS    An email is dispatched immediately upon receipt and successful service. A scanned copy of your affidavit service return is emailed prior to returning original.

WARNING:  When comparing our rates to other servers, watch out for hidden fees.  Be sure to get their TOTAL fee including their additional attempt fees, mileage charges, witness fees and other add-on fees.  To avoid fly by night companies, make sure to ask about their past experience and how log they have been in business.

We have digital photograph capabilities and accept email and faxed documents.  Out-of-town clients:  You are responsible for communicating all local laws, rules, regulations and procedures your jurisdiction requires to complete service properly. 


Legal Filing & Document Retrieval

Are you short on office staff?  Let us run down to the court house to personally file your legal documents, retrieve copies of court or public information documents.


Collections Support - Door Knocks - Chase

While repossession is the ultimate action to recover your investment, it can be a costly one.  However, we realize accounts severely overdue deserve the utmost  attention.  We provide "door knock" services to notify the debtors of the past due amount, and return a complete report to you including property and vehicle description and condition.  This service is often used to gather information that may be provided before to help with the repossession process. 


Court Researcher


This is the most accurate, up-to-date and legally-compliant method of searching. This search is performed at the county level and returns felony (more serious crimes) and misdemeanor (less serious offenses) records that are filed in the county and municipal court(s). 

Field agents or researchers perform the searches using the public access system available. Public access systems include computer terminals, index books or index cards. In some states, public access is not available and the court clerks perform the searches. All searches cover at least the past 7 years; clients can request 10 years and often do. 

The result will indicate that no record was found, or provide the information of any records located. Record information generally includes the case number, offense and file dates, charge and charge level, disposition date, disposition and sentence. All records will also indicate the identifiers found on each case. The name on file will be provided as well as the date of birth and/or social security number on file. In the case of a name match only, we will provide the address, physical description and/or license number on file, if available. 

Types of Searches Include: 

Records Search

§                     Performed at County Courts by trained field agents, these searches return felony and misdemeanor criminal records for the previous seven years. Additional years may be requested.

Statewide Criminal Records Search

§                     Performed at a centralized state repository (where available), these checks may include information from Administrative Offices of Courts, Departments of Corrections, or Departments of Public Safety.

Civil Records Search


§                     Performed at County or Federal Civil Courts by trained field agents, these searches return lawsuits filed against an individual or company.


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